Activist coordination Emails show that Evans worked heavily with a small group of local activists to coordinate the name change movement over the past two years. These activists include NAACP leaders George Alber, Ralph Cooper and Stephen Spitz, and George Waters, a Democratic activist in Northern Virginia.

Alber, in particular, spearheaded the advocacy campaign. Evans and school board member Pat Hynes used him as a conduit to generate opinion content for the student newspaper and Evans sent him drafts of the board’s resolution concerning creating a working group to examine the possible name change.

“We definitely want to discuss [the resolution] with you before you publish it,” Alber told Evans in a July 12, 2016, email after Evans sent him the proposed resolution.  Click
here to view full story. 

This is a letter sent to the FSB suggesting ways to allow the state to provide guidance in developing a state-wide standard to manage name change issues.  To read entire letter click "here"

This was the Fairfax County produced video which was removed from the public on June 28, 2016 before the community had a chance to vote on the name; it is shown at the left.  It was, in fact, a very positive and historically accurate description of JEB Stuart. They removed it only after it appeared on our website.  What you are seeing is a copy of something they don't want you to see.

Who Are We?

BREAKING -- You might have heard a member of the School Board claim that 'Thirty Five Percent of the Community Voted for JEB Stuart Name Change'.  

While that claim sounds "Compelling" - it's actually misleading on its face and includes "input" from an audience groomed for nearly a year on falsehoods, misinformation and opinion all disguised as fact. Even the "survey" used dishonestly presented unfounded and unproven claims as "fact" despite warnings given to the SB leadership on the spurious nature of the survey "tool" that was sent out to validate a path to name change. This pre-arranged voting block was given a head's up to the school board's "survey" ahead of time and told how to "vote" before any other JEB Pyramid member.

See Video Below for Details.  

This discovery - the building of a prepared voting audience nearly a year in advance - is just one more example of the malfeasance coming from our board.

On a related note, you can read how the School Board "Stacked" the "Name Change" Ad-Hoc Committee with out of Pyramid professionally paid name changers and political party activists in ratios which didn't even come close to the makeup or the notable 'no change' desires of the community.  See "Green" button just below to read letter.  

"The year over year pre/post NAACP-sponsored “name change” campaign findings suggest that the divisive rhetoric had a significant and measurable detrimental impact on the Stuart student’s physical, mental and academic measures as provided by the Fairfax County and Virginia State academic data. Further, it's clear that the school names and images are not causing student declines, as has been inferred elsewhere, but it's instead the outcome of the negative rhetorical campaign."  (Click here or the image above to read full story)

JEB Stuart is called "Brilliant", "Optimistic" and "Exuberant" as a leader by the nation's most respected historians.  He was an accomplished intellectual who conducted field research in support of an eventual U.S. Patent.  

He emphasized training and achieved unexpected results by running circles around the opposition.  He so loved his home state that he named his daughter "Virginia". 

These are just a few of the positive and key characteristics of that every "Raider" should take from their experience at Stuart H.S.  

Concerned Citizens of Fairfax                                                                                            March 2, 2017   E-Mail: ConcernedCitizensofFairfax@Gmail.Com                                                            

ANNANDALE, VA – In 2013 Fairfax County taxpayers paid for an informative video which explains why JEB Stuart was chosen as the namesake of the Fairfax Co. high school which sits near one of the battle sites which helped make the Virginian famous. 

However, once the school became a target for name change by national groups, the video was quietly taken down on June 28, 2016 just after the regional NAACP leader warned the school board contact, per a FOIA’d record, that the video would “come to haunt her” on June 27th, 2016. “Her” is a reference to the school board member who is leading the change campaign.  All FOIA’d documents are available upon request.

But the school district was forced to place the video back into service in 2016 after students and parents of a JEB Stuart advocacy group started publicly promoting a “copy” of the video on their website and the local media began asking questions. 

While that may have been the end of the story, the school district has once again removed the JEB Stuart history video from the menu of 17 school name videos published on its FCPS YouTube playlist, which showcases that an “update” to the site was made on Feb 3rd, 2017. 

A copy of the original JEB Stuart video can be viewed here.  In a related story, recently surveyed JEB Stuart students indicated that they have not been taught, nor did they know basic historic facts about their school’s namesake.  Yet despite pressure from some JEB teachers and the NAACP, 87.5% of students did not vote to change their name when the school board sponsored a vote on name change in 2016. 

Academy Award winners Julianne Moore and  Bruce Cohen show their JEB Stuart Pride. While these are not the new "Know JEB" shirts - you can own your own KNOW JEB Shirt - Click here

DAILY CALLER - A peculiar attempt to whitewash history and impose political correctness on the town of Falls Church, Virginia, is being masterminded using secret meetings, troubling tactics and, potentially, lots and lots of tax dollars.  (More...)

"Detached activists may not understand the consequences, but residents of these communities do because this is a multi-faceted decision with significant consequences, not the least of which is the cost." Click Photo to Read Entire Article.   

SOS is a group of Stuart students, alumni, parents and neighbors who support retaining the name of J.E.B. Stuart High School.   We challenge the flawed rationale to change the name, and oppose the resolution introduced by the Mason District School Board Member that would effect such a change.

This resolution was introduced despite survey results that revealed a large majority of students and Stuart Pyramid stakeholders favored keeping the school name intact. In a school survey a clear majority of J.E.B. Stuart High School students said NO to a name change. Even after a one sided one-year name change campaign, only 1% of the JEB Pyramid (via an FCPS survey) said they would consider a change. The resolution goes to a vote July 28, 2016. In addition to a flawed process, we are troubled by the lack of historical accuracy and obvious distortions in the arguments presented by proponents of the name change and embraced by our School Board Member.

The projected minimum $700,000 cost of the name change is also of great concern. How can this expense be justified when FCPS is facing a 2017 shortfall of $135,000,000 and advocating a meals tax to provide needed revenue? 

Fairfax County presented JEB Stuart in an fair and honorable light via this fairly recent production of their "What's in a Name?" video.

They got it right in showcasing his history which touches on his leadership, tactical brilliance and positive legacy.  

Why would a Fairfax County School Board member take down a taxpayer/county paid positive video of JEB Stuart High School BEFORE a name change vote happens?  Please write the Fairfax Co. School Board and ask them why they would take such a drastic action at the exact time when the community needs this kind of information to make an informed decision?  

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